(25th March 1943 / )

Nature's Purity

Come buds break forth and greet the spring,
And dress the world in garments new,
Such subtle shades you'll gently bring,
When winter bids us all adieu.

Each branch will sparkle with new growth,
And birds will chatter amongst the leaves,
And many a couple will pledge their troth,
Beneath a tree, with a love that cleaves.

Oh, such abundance here is viewed,
When all has reached maturity,
A rich and spendid sight accrued
By nature, here in its purity.

© Ernestine Northover

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This is brilliant, shade of A.E Housman, beautifully written. One for my list to keep. Love, Andrew x
Your Nature expertise is beyond descritption. Susie xxx.
I just heard a song called Sprintime Can Kill You by Jolie Holland. Maybe there is too much hope to be dashed. Lovely poem, my friend. Uriah
Wonderful poem - a very 'high poetry' feel to this. Thought the last line might benefit by losing a syllable (?) . p.s. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to give me suggestions on my poem 'Underdressed' - also a tree one? Thanks! -chuck
Both you and nature seem to walk hand in hand Ernestine as you speak of her she speaks through you Love Duncan x
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