Nature's Resplendent Rainbows!

Beyond the rainbows circling high
Above us all to make us sigh,
God puts His rainbows in our hearts
And we express them through the arts!
The urge to fashion fancy things
Is also in the one who sings,
Or sculpts, or paints away the hours,
Lost in wonder at God's flowers!

Beneath the oceans far and wide
A treasure trove is locked inside!
And scuba-divers all agree,
The colours there bring ecstasy!
This Earth that circles round the Sun
Is favoured by the Holy One!
It's not too near, it's not too far...
Just close enough, blessed by the star!

Perhaps, we, too, are like the Earth,
Precisely set regarding birth...
To ever move more close to Him
Within this new millennium!
The Earth obeys eternal laws
Oblivious to theme or cause...
Are we not more than stars above
Created with the Gift of Love! ?

The Spirit of the Lord is here,
Abundantly in those held dear!
And unseen angels walk the Earth
To minister to those of worth!
Thus even sinners are forgiven
By the crimson Blood of Heaven!
And so, let's make God's rainbows shine!
God bless your heart... and God bless mine...

by Denis Martindale

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