Nature's Symphony

When we take our walk in the morning…(something we've been doing for many years)
We're amazed by the number of people who run by with gadgets in their ears…

We don't know what they're listening to…on whatever route they're taking
but we do know they are missing all the sounds that nature's making.

They could be listening to the frogs, and crickets…the buzzing of the bees
They could be hearing the music of the wind as it whistles through the trees.

They could be listening to the singing of birds
in the trees and in the skies
a multitude of unique melodies that delightfully harmonize.

And even when the birds are silent…when they're in no mood to sing
If they listen closely as they fly by…they could hear the flapping of their wings.

They could be listening to the ocean waves as they rhythmically push on shore
some days they seem to whisper…other days…they roar.

They could be listening to thunder approaching…thinking it sounds like a distant train
They could be hearing the tintinnabulation on a roof as they take shelter from the rain.

Yes, I imagine if they began their day
with nature's music in their ears…
perhaps they too would walk in wonder
as we have for many years.

by Jim Yerman

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