DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

**nature's War**

Watched but unaware, that I flow
Right passed, underneath the shimmering still
Which lay upon my upper where
You stand before me with your stare

I cut a groove into the earth, to
Make my home for what it’s worth, I
Bring rebirth, to lands destroyed
By the human curse

I know no boundaries and know only
One law, Mother Nature
Who rules the land and sea
And heats eternally our inner core

She gave me power to give life and made
My strength to put an end the destructive entities
I see at first light, strong and silent
I’m powered on all through the night

I’m not alone in my mission
Mother Nature gave others powers and destructive vision
To earth and its sea’s
But now it’s her who’s unforgiven it seems

Her care for all was in the air
Destroyed by you
Now your end is fixed and near

My cousin St Helen
Warned you all
Exploded in temper and disgust
At sight of you rotting the earth to dust

This land we gave to you in trust,
But you raped and abused it as a must.
You see, what you take you must return
She tore the land apart, with it her lava spurred

All her lava from in to out,
Taking the world around
Back deep within
To cleanse the land of your sin

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The final chapters of your decline,
Is easier a picture then words describe
The very essence of your time

Black and blue, so un-renewed, now face
The awesome power of the final two, one of one
And one of two, the seas they bruise and are at storm
Pushed by the air you’ve made so warm

Tornados and hurricanes,
Change your heart and face
Now you wish for the old and same
But all we give is a glimpse of our pain

The air so beautiful and once so clear
Loved you so much and held you so dear
You returned her love with poisoned gasses
So in response destroys you in masses

The air so warm releases my brother, locked
For years as northern ice, a silent other
Now falls as if enticed, to the sea water
Cousin, a salty sacrifice, as human ignorance
Guides your life

Now the currents are at change, now
Your world can never be or feel the same
Year long winters for a hundred of years
You shed tears for what is wrong
Forfeited life for a greedy song

We feel no sorrow and gave you your woe
You should have listened to the warnings we showed
Now all you have are memories, of the beauty land
The loss you feel is the pain you hand

A land so fresh and pure
Your eyes will see it nevermore
Learn the lesson we have taught
And we will return the land we took

For you see
We are you and you are us
Lets live together harmonious

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Daniel, we think alike, mother earth is a part of your heart, while she has people like us writing about her, some one might take notice, your another environmental warrior, keep it up O-Ho Osceola