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Nature Thinks
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

Nature Thinks

I walk past the thickness of the plants
I walk past the hundreds of little flowers
Into the forest I pave my way
I spend my life’s loveliest hours
I sit down to think about the beauty
In the biggest trees and the smallest weeds
And the thought comes in my mind
Who planted the forests’ seeds?
Who made the place so lovely?
That I can’t lift my gaze
It lights a little fire inside me
That will always stay ablaze
Ablaze with memory of this view
That I have captured in my heart
The memory that I will carry with me
When from this place I’ll part
Who was the person?
Who thought such good?
Who wanted to embrace everyone’s mind?
Who wanted to hold every soul that stood?
What it a gardener who had big dreams?
To plant the whole jungle himself
Or was it someone I can’t think of
Was there someone else?
I ask a little flower near me
That stands in its blooming days
Who planted all these beautiful things?
Tell me Oh flower, I want to know his ways
And then I hear a little voice
A little voice that holds my ears
It tells me ‘it was or mother nature
Who grew all the plants for years.’

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