JR (28/06/90 / Sheffield)

Natures Pupose

Sea sweeps in shades of blue
Grass sways in shades of green
Each colour a delicate purpose
A purpose in which nature
Sends a message, a message
So discrete but yet so inspiring
Look carefully as shades unfold
Into life as creature forms
A pattern of mystical virtue
Always growth in Gods view
From creator to the created;
A sign of nurtured mind releases
Wisdom to show that crucial purpose
That everything is specifically designed
To show that hidden beauty of creation

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Comments (2)

I loved this poem. It's such a gift when you can really see nature for the beauty that it is. Sincerely, Mary
wow! a different style to some of your others...welcome back. your absence has been noticed. you are very talented. some people have marked you badly, but you don't deserve it. you seem to grow all the time. keep up the good work, Jodi.