Natures Wind.

Poem By Anthony Fry

A morning silver dew, that clings to grass.
A Spiders Cocoon, blows into a south wind.

Bullfrog on a lily leaf, croaks a lovers call.
Pretty frogs fall in love, on that windy day.

Sunflowers tall and proud, sway and kiss.
Pink and white blossoms, fly on the wind.

Cascading colours, of a rainbow softly trail.
In an afternoon beauty, storm winds blow.

A sycamore seed, like an helicopter spins.
Like a winged chariot, flying on the wind.

Comments about Natures Wind.

Bullfrog on a lily leaf, croaks a lovers call. Pretty frogs fall in love, on that windy a winged chariot....... your poetic mind and the power of observation creates a wonderful poem.. thank u dear poet. write more and present your poems here. we shall read and enjoy with you. tony

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