The Ants

Poem By Nassy Fesharaki

The ants

That day when
I worked as labourer
Took hammer and lever
Lifted floor, concrete and tiles
Underneath was a nest; what wonder
I saw a world of ants, and have it recorded!
Destroyed was their home and each one slander
Some with eggs, some with food; all new immigrants.

Fall tears, I cry
Every time
I sit play.

Saw Hassan hit his pants
He shouted, loudly cursed.

“Oh damn you, ” I called back:
“You sent them death, drones, don’t complain…”

Fall tears, I cry
Every time
I sit play.

The news and it says:
Boats capsized, barrel bombs
People died, broke laws.

And so on
And so on
And so on

Then my voice
Turns bubble in my throat
Murmuring on way out:
“Is whose fault? ”

I recall nest of ants
I see them on Hassan
I see them run, wander.

Comments about The Ants

A wonderful poem, Nassy. I have a poem called encounter with ants Thank you for sharing this!
Quite a clever write adding Hassan to the reference brought a new flavor to the poem.

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