Naughty Minx

You naughty minx.
Do you believe for one moment...
I can not see through,
Your teasing high jinx?

Do you think I'm that naïve...
Not to realize your scheming plan.
Just because we recently met.
And I have given you a key,
To my apartment...
To entertain your newly acquired friends.
I know what all the men come here for.
And I'm not fooled by you,
Nor by them!

You're not friends at all.
I've been told by those whispering in the hall...

I've already been told,
You all will be meeting like this twice a week.
To plan a family reunion.
To strengthen your relationships.
And cousins you are...
Meeting like this!
And those squeaks leaking from the bedroom...
Are sound effects,
To have me believe something else is going on!
And you believe I am that stupid?
I will never doubt your love for me.
Are you all related on your mother,
Or father's side?

'Each one of us was adopted.
That's why our love is that much more meaningful.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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