Nauseous Causes

Obnoxious with their nauseous causes.
The deeds of thieves.
Combustible and seldom cautious.
They've come to seize completely openly.
Independent thought.
That begins the ending of existing freedoms.

And there they are...
Making evil mandatory.
And there they are...
Laying blame and telling stories.
And there they are...
Pretending everyone is threatened,
By aggressive steps.
Although those footprints laid,
Were theirs to trace.
Proving who had trespassed.
Hoping to dupe and cloak...
Their criminal intent to keep it bankrolled.

And there they are...
Obnoxious with there nauseous causes.
And there they are...
Pretending innocence offended.
And there they are...
Pretending to be peace makers.
But making all profits duping people.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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