$! Ncere Pr@yer

May there be a dawn after every night,
May there be peace instead of a fight.
May there be joy instead of sorrow,
May there be a friend instead of a foe.
May there be ups instead of downs,
May there be smiles instead of frowns.
May there be a rise after every fall,
May Lord answer everyone's call.
May there be victories instead of failures, ,
May there be joys instead of tears.
May there be happiness instead of pain,
May the sun be sure to come after every rain.
May there be rights instead of wrongs,
May there be roses instead of thorns.
May each one's happiness never fade away,
May the angel's always beside everyone stay.
May there be trust instead of heartbreaks,
May there be wins instead of losses.
May there be satisfaction instead of greed,
May Lord fulfill everyone's need.
May there be justice instead of crime,
May each one's wishes be fulfilled in time.
May there be acceptance instead of blame,
May each one be luminous as a candle flame.
May everyone like a star shine,
May their life be as good as mine! ! !

by tanvi damle

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Comments (13)

every negative thing has been rhymed with a postive thing really nyc :)
Simple, humble, meaningful work of art. All lines created are positive in thoughts. In short think positive, that's what it is. Well done, mate.
very nice.love the purity and simplicity of the poem.
good for you tanvi, , , , very nice prayer, , i like it
i liked your theme but the constantly repeated phrasw may there be grew boring
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