Lamps Light

Little glimpse of yours
Removes fear
That has made little space
Inside solid heart case

With emergence of the sun rays
I search my way
But find you before me
To show and lead me as free man

I was fortunate enough
To be gifted with laugh
As and when you appeared
I whispered to self and surrendered

Thousands of lamps light
To make me flood with delight
Your smiling face knocks my heart
I feel you near as precious part

I look at fresh flowers
And find lovely colors
You comprise all
And I always dream to call (with name)

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (13)

every negative thing has been rhymed with a postive thing really nyc :)
Simple, humble, meaningful work of art. All lines created are positive in thoughts. In short think positive, that's what it is. Well done, mate.
very the purity and simplicity of the poem.
good for you tanvi, , , , very nice prayer, , i like it
i liked your theme but the constantly repeated phrasw may there be grew boring
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