Ne Saram

You act as if we're the only two
And we both know that isn't true

Other hearts are in our hands
Hearts that don't quite understand

I can't ignore how they would feel
If they found their suspicions to be real

Other lives are tied to mine
Strung along a twisted vine

I will feel the slices and cuts
The tightness I swallow and hold in my gut

To keep the truth from tearing apart
Something I've created, my love is my art

The pain in your side is the pain in mine
I'm using centimeters to draw my lines

To slow down my temptations and try to understand
How you can love another woman and I can love another man

I'm trying to build something nice for the future me
So she has the space to live with abundance and stability

I feel responsible for the punches I throw
Because I can't stand to watch someone else feeling low

We can't break the promises we've already made
But it's so easy to let your heart lead you astray

by Mellisa Salazar

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