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Near Death Experience

I have been morbidly ailing, for many months
Death would be such bliss
Finished with suffering and all its evil
Waiting for life to dismiss.

God answered my prayers
Like many times before
I’m departing my body
Finished with sickness and gore.

I am looking down at myself
Have disconnected from my own
I have a feeling of floating
I’m no longer alone.

I see a light at the end of a tunnel
It’s getting larger the closer I get
I have a feeling of euphoria
The light is not a threat.

Feelings of serenity overwhelms me
Life has no meaning anymore
I am greeted by loved ones
Who have revealed the golden door.

My father, who died many years ago
Beacons me to return
It’s not my time to depart
But for this after-life, I yearn.

Suddenly, I return to my body
Longing for what I‘ve been shown
Realizing someday I’ll return
This revelation is my home.

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Comments (4)

Piece of great elegance nicely brought forth in beautiful rhyme scheme with spiritual insight. Lovely poem written with conviction. Thanks for sharing.
This is beautiful...U hv had d glimpse of home comin....God Bless....Lots of love....
If this is a true experience, I envy you. Not envious that you nearly died, but that you have this spiritual awakening and realization under your belt, and only your belt.
You must be feeling regret for having returned.........I have long back enthused the idea of the light at the end of the tunnel......luv, arya