DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Near Eviction

Little by little we fade away
The human race headstone, above an early grave

Oil more oil is the cry, with no
Guilt we pollute the sky, no longer
Can we escape beyond our boundaries
To heavens gate

God gave us earth, now we must
Face the retribution that we deserve.
We are poison, the human curse;
Greed, which no tragedy can stop or curb

Now before we destroy our only home
And end our race in ice and snow
We must take heed from those that know
The same who gave us nuclear glow,
That our race has entered its final show

You listened when the money span
So listen now and stop our end,
Forget the money and its evil blend
You have religion so stop its end

Or is it a show or a trend to push
Out lies in gods’ name,
But yet you pray to him without shame

But just remember earth he gave
As his ultimate gift, the mighty
Power he wields does not shift,
Protect our home and bless his gift
Or heaven gate your sure to miss

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