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*near; Far; Here.*
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

*near; Far; Here.*

Poem By David Taylor

Further than the furthest star
and closer than your heart is He.
(not near; not far) .
Nearer than the eyes that see
furthest from the thought of me
(so near; so far) .
Can we ever find the answer
whilst we think I am not He?
Can you imagine life hereafter
if all beings are one, the same,
can you see the challenge
to transcend our individual names?

Beyond imagination flies
that which behind all beings lies.
The one that watches on
the one that has never gone
(so near; right here) .
Do you know that very self
within each being on this earth?
And what does that mean
as we sit and look and read
oblivious to all the hearts that bleed
(not me; not them) .

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