Near The Town Of Millstreet

It is a nice day near the Town of Millstreet
In the old rushy fields where the waterways meet
The dark gray faced rooks cawing on the tall beech trees
On a warm and sunny afternoon of around twenty three degrees
The sun on their wings chirping as they fly
The dark barn swallows chase flying insects in the sky
And in the freshening breeze of a near perfect day
The sweet scent of freshly mowed grass for silage or hay
In latter July with August quite near
Such beautiful weather even for the time of year
A beautiful memory to visualize and retain
In times of nostalgia to visit again
Of a beautiful place where the rivers do meet
In the old rushy fields by the Town of Millstreet.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (1)

Fine, nostalgic reflection, Francis. I particularly like the line: In the old rushy fields where the waterways meet. It flows like the meeting rivers and is lush with sound.