Near The Town Where I Spent Many Seasons

Near the Town where i spent many Seasons mine nowadays might be a strange face
But so many migrants not unlike me become strangers in their homeplace
Where once many people did know them they would pass as strangers today
The years have left them looking older though they may hide their natural gray
To near the town where i spent many Seasons the Seasons they come and they go
And the stream from the foot of the mountain down to the big river does flow
But some things in life do not change much the old fields do look much the same
To me those old fields were familiar some of them have a given name
I not unlike all other migrants have lived with my nostalgic years
And for friends and for blood relations i often felt quite close to tears
But nostalgia like everything passes of everything time does take care
And though time it can be a great healer it leaves us with gray in our hair
In near the town where i spent many Seasons so many people i did know
But tis been awhile since i last lived there in fact some two decades ago.

by Francis Duggan

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