Near To You

As I slowly walked past the concrete walls
I had only one thought in my mind
I wanted them gone
As I neared my first person aligned

I pulled the cool metal out
One pull and they fall gasping
One more and I seal it

Away from my desire
I aim
I fire

I hit one of them in the leg
They fall to the ground and bawl
I silence with one
Still walking slowly down the hall

I slide between people
They’re fleeing in fear of me
As I close by you
I hear your fear grimy

Your heart racing
Your blood running cold
As I near to you
Raising my arm in scold

I aim
I fire
And you fall fast
Red liquid pools around you

Walking slowly away
I open my locker and pack
Getting a peace of paper
Walking back

One more look to you
Wide eyes
Scared expression
I put the metal to my throat despise

And pull adieu
Red engulfs me
As I fall near to you

by Corey Mason

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