Near Where Tarwin Waters Flow

Out there in the brown paddock grass growth is rather slow
And the sheep are sheltering in the gum tree shade near where Tarwin waters flow
Across the sunlit paddocks on it's way to the sea shore
Where it has been flowing for millions of years and will flow forever more.

The day is warm a forecast high of 36 degrees
And warmth in the sun shine and warmth in the breeze
The magpie pipes a brief note high on a blackwood tree
The day is warm too warm for song for even such as he.

The buzzing of the traffic that travels up and down
On the roadway between Tarwin Lower and Inverloch's sea side Town
And on fence post the long drawn out caw of the pale eyed raven crow
In a quiet sunlit paddock near where Tarwin waters flow.

December in South Gippsland and the weather rather warm
And huge branch lay on ground by old gum tree broken off by a recent storm
And the magpie larks are piping their distinctive pee wee
Near where the Tarwin waters ever babbles towards the sea.

On the wet ground by the old dam the straw necked and the white ibis search for prey
For to probe in the soft ground for slugs and worms they come here every day
And in the humid heat of day the bush flies buzz to and fro
Above the sunlit paddocks near where Tarwin waters flow.

by Francis Duggan

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