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Nearing The End
(14/4/92 / basildon (england))

Nearing The End

Will some one please explain
What i have to do to not feel this pain
This missery wont leave me alone
I feel like I've been disowned
In this world I dont belong
Everything I do is wrong
Will death be a right choice
Can no one hear my voice?
Can no one see me crying?
Can no one feel me dying?
What will it be like when I'm not here?
This is the end I'll cry my last tear
Goodbye world, friends, the people I hate
But this is my fate
I'm dying because of all you
I chose death because i didnt know what to do
Death i dare
You dont care
So this is my final goodbye
When im gone promise me you wont cry

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please tell me u didnt comit sicide