Nearly A Thousand Millimeters Of Rain

Nearly a thousand millimeters of rain have fallen in Millstreet County Cork in Ireland over a three month spell
Those who first broadcast this story did not have a good story to tell
Of a Country that already has had far too much rain
Climate Change has many fluctuations in weather as the environmental scientists explain

In the 2013-14 Winter in Ireland new rainfall records were set
Those who lived through such weather are not likely to forget
The flooding from the overflow of every river, stream and drain
An experience they will not wish for to live through again

Of cold and wet Irish Winters i am one who should know
When the heavy sleety rain on the hills melt the January snow
But more than three hundred millimeters of rainfall a month seems unbelievable to me
Climate Change in it's wet form is how it seems to be

Nearly a thousand millimeters of rainfall in three months does almost seem blowing
Thousands of acres of ground under water from waterways overflowing
The Romans name for Ireland was Hibernia which means 'Place of Winter' does seem apt enough
Weather-wise the 2013-14 Winter there by all accounts rougher than rough.

by Francis Duggan

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