Nearness To God

It’s nearness to Allah,
It’s nearness that I crave,
I need to feel You close,
Before I reach my grave.

It’s closeness that I seek,
I need that at this time,
Without it I’ll be lost,
It would be so sublime.

To hear your voice Oh Lord,
Speaking to me as You,
Used to when I was young,
And then somehow I grew.

Grew up so tall and strong,
And yet so very weak,
Then I found you again,
I really heard You speak.

You’ve guided me throughout,
And always been close-by,
But recently You’re quiet,
I’ve really had to try.

To hear Your soothing tones,
Telling me it’s fine,
That You are still with me,
And You are still mine.

Please help me in my life,
To know how to get close,
And understand Your will,
When I need You the most.

I know You’re always there,
Sustaining me in life,
But I need to hear You,
In times of strife.

I am so very weak,
In all that I do,
But if I call upon You,
I’ll know You’ll get me through.

These problems that I face,
I encounter day to day,
I’ll look to Your lessons,
To help me find my way.

Your Holy Books, Your Prophets,
Peace be upon them all,
Will help guide me,
When I feel so small.

But please also hear this prayer,
Oh Majestic One,
I need to feel you near,
Before my life is done.

I really hope my plea,
Does not incur Your wrath,
And only brings me near to You,
To the rightful path.

by Aisha Sherazi

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