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On a dark cold blue night
i saw the far dancing light
i saw the dancing fire
a young pretty witch with fire red hair
a topless tanned muscular guy tied to the old tree
with the look of a man who doesn't want to get free
in the dark deep fields by the cemetery
a necromancer is watching the scene
hiding behind the old tree not to be seen
she handed him some blood in a skull to drink
the guy was too high to blink
a spell to tell.. undead you will be,
may death fullfill
a spell to tell.. become my zombie.
bow to the lord of hell
i am not afraid nor scared anymore
i am now fear i am death and horror
i am the lord of the undead
am the unborn child of night
a necromancer who learns from the corpses
the undead necromancy knight
take the voodoo doll and the snake out
take the steely knife and scream your shout
take my leadership and lets do it right
I am the child of the night
I am the undead nercomancy knight

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