In his younger days he was carefree and bold
But time as is said leaves the best of them old
On his balding head his once dark hair silver gray
And surely he has known of a far better day

Three ex wives fifteen children and forty grandchildren to his name
Perhaps in itself in this is some claim to fame
Now in his mid eighties and the clock ticking on
He still enjoys the booze though his best years long gone

In his young years he drank hard and he worked hard and he was good in bed
But time has made an old man out of old Ned
Yet in the local pub on Saturday evening of music and song
He enjoy his beer and joins in the sing along

Most of the women he made love to in eternal rest lay
They too had their innings since life is this way
And Ned in his twilight years lives without any regret
And nothing in his past he wishes for to forget

Single in his old age yet he is carefree
For the young not a role model though such he does not wish to be
He drank hard and he worked hard and he was good in bed
And though old not frail looking their is more life in Ned.

by Francis Duggan

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