Ned Kelly Was A Hero

Ned Kelly was a hero and despite what some do say
The legend of his bravery in Australia lives today
As game as Ned Kelly is a well known Aussie quote
The leader of the Kelly gang remains as one of note.

The Kelly gang were victims of unfair local law
And the raping of his sister Kate by the police was surely the last straw
Ned and his brother Dan and their friends Steve Hart and Joe Byrne became outlaws and they ranged far and wide
And they robbed banks in the small Towns of Victoria-New South Wales border Countryside.

The most recognizable Australian in Australia's brief white history
His unfair trial and his hanging in Melbourne jail assured him of immortality
Though far better people than them are long forgotten and gone
The legend of the Kelly gang is with us and lives on.

The Kelly gang were not as ruthless as some make them out to be
They may have caused the deaths of a few Policemen but even those with anti Kelly views agree
That there was some provocation the Kelly gang was on the run
And you shoot back when you are shot at that is the law of the gun.

Ned Kelly is a hero and 'tis said that he died game
And in Australian folklore his is an immortal name
And whatever way you see him on one thing all do agree
That the legend of the Kelly gang lives on in Aussie history.

by Francis Duggan

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yo that was epic man it was so lit i almost died lol! ! ! ! !
Ned Kelly stood up for what was right.