HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Need To Find Answers

I have this strange feeling
That I'm having trouble concealing.
Why do I feel like this?
There are still things I miss.

Everything is such a mess
The more I remember, the more I like them less.
There are questions I need answers to
But I will never get the answers no matter what I do.

Why all the abuse?
Was I really of no use?
Why did they bully?
I don't understand fully.

Why was I mis-treated?
Was I some kind of threat that neded to be defeated?
Why did they make me suffer?
And take away my lover?

Why did they pretend?
That they wanted to be my friend?
Why did they turn?
There are still things I need to learn.

Why did they pick on me?
Why were people so blind to see?
What did I do?
For there to have been two?

Am I to blame?
Did I bring on my own shame?
Why wouldn't they stop
They alwasy had to be on top.

Why wouldn't they just leave?
But they insisted on causing me to grieve.
Why did mum change?
Love for me became out of her range.

Why didn't she bring an end to it all?
Did they enjoy to sit and watch me fall?
Why did she keep taking him back?
She must have known there was only so much I could hack.

All these questions are doing my head in
My life has been filled with corruption and sin.
I guess some of the answers I will never know
But the questions will always be with me, wherever I go!

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