Needed Verses Serving And Caring

It’s nice to feel appreciated and needed,
Instead of being taken for granted!
It helps to plant inside and growing; a seed,
You feel like trying to blossom and spread your goodness from
This seed that is planted!
But when you are taken for granted,
The seed within you dies that has been planted!
You just don’t care,
With people no longer do you want to share,
You just don’t dare.
In order for growth for that seed,
You have to feel that within you is need!
That with people you have to interact,
Instead of being mean and wanting to attack!
Even at times when you don’t want to; do serve,
Even if you don’t want to; somehow get the nerve,
You end up with a good feeling; and to you is thrown a curve,
For you don’t expect to feel good,
Before you know it; guess what, you care,
You wonder if you should,
Whether you know it or not, it’s only fair!
So in our complicated lives, we should slow down,
And take the time to care,
It helps to get rid of our frowns,
And it does so much good to the other person that we share!

by Paula Patterson-Stevenson


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