JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)

Needing To Get Rid Of All The Reminders

You left me here without any blood.

You took all the oxygen away from my lungs and left, but here I still lay going through the colors.

Finally passing out, still you care but you can’t help it that you had to leave.

I can finally see you for being what I needed in my life but I know it is just to late.

I’m too late to find this out while I’m laying in my grave with all the time to sleep and think but I would rather just keep watching over you.

Can god finally give me back my wings did I earn them back from him?

But either way loving you will still be on my mind even if I have the chance to fly away.

I would still rather be next to you.

Not even death can stop me from loving you, death is just apart of life that has to come to everyone.

So why can’t it hurry up through this time when I want you more than even the blood in my veins.

You helped me when my heart and body were never whole you helped me to stitch them back up you made me whole.

But you had to leave and those stitches did nothing for me but to remind me of you whom I’m missing all the time.

So why have them, why not just rip them out of my heart and body through the pain I can smile just you make you feel better and keep you happy.

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Joshua- your writing is really intense. awesome. -shannon