TTO ( / Washington State)

Needle & Thread~

How fascinating it is to mend
Following varied colours of thread
Cot-ton from 'downunder' 'tis found
With nary a cryptic word said;

Havoc is wreaked with so few verbs
'While' you sit calmly darning your Athene's socks
Locations from Hawthorn's Victoria instead of Greece
Has, indeed, opened up, a near impossible lock;

Sonja refers to it as 'Repair', 'Love'
Not much to really understand at all
Simply means you must pause in your body and soul massage
'While' divided you all shall fall;

Just another fraud-another member added to our list
From around the world- it continues to tell- -
'While' timelines are turned into landmines
Blowing up your proverbial: 'All IS Well! ! !

By, Theodora Onken

August 5, 2014

Circle's, Merry Go Round's And Other Things Like 'Rings'

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Thank you for commenting on my write, Ramesh.
All is well. Let the thing happen its own way. Time to mend all gaps and fulfill the promises to proceed.Thanks for sharing.