Poem Hunter
EB Erica Burke (5/12/1992 / Port Huron, MI)


It's not as if I spend my day just sitting by the phone,
And if you called I very well may pretend I wasn't home.
I know you think you have my heart just hanging by a string,
But you should know that my life is built on more important things.
And if you waived your hand at me at me as I was passing by,
I'd automatically lift my hand then pretend to swat a fly.
I know you think you are the best that this would has to give,
And if thats the case then hear me say, 'You have other worlds to live.'
I dont need you of anyone to make me feel complete,
So you should know right from the start that I bow at no mans feet.
And yet, If you are still desirious to entertain my mind,
My heart very well may follow, though it always walks a ways behind.

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Comments (2)

Very well done, I think Poem Hunters maybe having another strong personality in their mist. Love your work. 10++
we understand each other perfectly my dear friend.. i know the feeling but urs maybe needles mine are thorns and spikes hahaha keep it up my friend u are immaculate and full of true emotion