What will be the fate of a nation waiting to welcome,
A message of destruction from the annoyed nature,
Yes, at the moment its intensity is low like a warning,
For the people and the leaders for their foolish caricature!

They have given a beautiful name to a possible cyclone,
Neelofer, inspiration of poets, the beautiful blue flowers,
They show their passion and exclaim it hasn't come yet!
We shall sing and dance and enjoy the exciting showers.

My Lord! Kindly forgive them for their foolish ignorance,
They don't know what they are asking as your lovely boon,
They desire a massive rock to hit the earth for pretty fireworks,
As if it will come with love and romance like a lovely full moon.

My Lord! The children are ignorant if they play with snakes,
Please be kind enough as you have been in the past,
Another Noah's Arch, you too don't want, I believe,
Please, we deserve, still I pray, save us from the blast!

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (4)

Beautiful poem. Very true said, Neelofer is really a pretty name but of a cyclone. We can only pray to protect us coming disaster. Meaningful write. Loved reading it.
A beautiful write. Neelofer is not to be assumed as fireworks but something that man has to be wary of. Not another Flood or another earth disaster and not another Noah's Arc to save the god-fearing few. Let's pray that man will not be so naive to ignore the warning.
Wonderful poem! I just love the wise thoughts here! With an attractive name a cyclone Neelofer, is predicted to rock our land soon! We donot know its magnitude and how much devastation it is going to cause! Let us pray to Almighty to spare the land from its annihilative power! A 10
For the people and the leaders for their foolish caricature! ...truth a great prayer for the survival...........lets hope it wont blast heavily..............