Negative And Positive

The negative one feels hard done by and with living is struggling to cope
But the positive one though money poor in the darkest of moments sees hope
Our thoughts can be helpful or self defeatist some wise people are known to say
And those who disagree with such thinking are negative or seem that way
You show a negative one a flowering garden and weeds that person only does see
But the positive one can see blossoms blooming on an non blossoming tree
One is imbued with hope for the future and for he or she good times ahead
And the other is always crestfallen and see hope as something that's dead
It is true that we all are different and so few things on which we agree
But so often negative thinking to the soul is extreme poverty
In people of positive thinking hope does spring eternal 'twould seem
Whilst the negative one seems to suffer from depression and low self esteem
The feelings of negative and positive are different as different can be
One does look at life on the bright side and the other knows of misery.

by Francis Duggan

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