Negative Or Preventive

Everything around is so strange
Nothing is in my range
Seems to be a conspiracy in the making
Against me, by all things around
All so evil, like it's all arranged

Oh, now don't think I'm sinister
And, the Nature's not the one to blame
So many hurdles life has thrown at me
That I shiver before taking any happiness' name
Things start to feel more and more strange

My happiness lasts till I get reminded by my mind
That'This is going to be snatched away too soon, better not relish it'
Yes, I see not the positive first, but,
'What if this doesn't work...'
Always try not to find errors, and, try not to negate
But been crushed so bad that just can't help it

Optimistic is my inverse and Optimism almost a clean page
I scribble more on the Pessimism sheet
That's where I take out all my rage, but don't worry it's actually a
I feel that Bad Luck is my nosy friend
And success is like the one who has almost forgotten me
I try not to give up, but don't feel like believing that everything will be okay

Where are the achievements I want to make?
Where is the joy I want to get?
Where is the peace of mind I want to live with?
Where is the piece of soul I've that I've lost?
Where can I find it?
Just then I get reminded that all the good is not so easy to happen

Maybe I was born negative
But that makes me look at what others don't expect
What they don't want to happen to them
I try to prevent the bad
I see both the positive and the negative range
Isn't that what integers teach us?
And to get the Math right we've also got to consider
All less than a positive range

by Ratri Mandal

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Wow a very creative poignant muses poem written in impressive metaphor abd figurative s. The rhyming n phrasing are great too. Kudos. Pls do review my latest poem too.