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The people here are cruel,
Their words are cold and bitter.
They speak as though she's nothing,
Just turn their heads and whisper.

She locks her arms around her knees,
And silently begins to cry.
Her cheeks will catch the tears,
As everyone passes by.

Its such a tangled world,
It's meaning is so twisted.
This place is full of tears,
More than anyone knew existed.

But she refuses to see it,
They've gone and stopped to focus.
And they're too busy to look...
Too self-absorbed to notice.

She's here and she's lost.
She needs someone along the way.
Someone who will help her...
Someone who will stay.

But she's too worthless to be seen,
Too weak for them to care,
She screams and cries for an answer,
But no one is aware.

So she goes in and shuts the door,
What came next, no one knows.
I know what happened.
But the truth can't be exposed.

They found her the next morning,
Beside her was a letter,
Tear stained words were covered,
By one single feather.

It had fallen from the wings,
The ones she grew that night,
She knew God would accept her
She knew she'd be alright.

Dont ask me how I know...
It's strange that you dont see
The only reason I was there that night,
Is because that girl is me.

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