She speaks and she waves
And asks how are you doing
You see the smile upon her face
But its not from her heart
That shes showing.

To look into her eyes
You see there once was joy
You see from her expressions
What once was happiness
Is now just a lingering memoir.

You can only imagine
Whats she feels within her soul
As she travels to and fro
Her burdens and her tears
Her tribulations no one knows.

She leaves home daily
And comes back again
Carrying small bags of groceries
And sometimes packages
Every now and then.

She often returns from somewhere
That shows her regret from within
But she knows if she doesn't go
She can't feed her babies
Nor the rest of her kin.

She's gentle and shes's loving
she's sweet and she's kind
But what you see her doing
Bless her heart
Its not whats on her mind.

Just to survive
She does what she's gotta do
She works against her own belief
Who can stare and criticize
For anyday this could be you.

by Cecelia Weir

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nice narrative poem, nice portrait, lovely to read...........