Neighbors Also

Upon the big wide fields the tiny Mouse
It runs and works like You its house;
It raises young ones, frets and sorrows,
Has leaner times and even borrows
From bigger ones who can afford to part
with some of what they stored.
It feels the Warmth, needs the Rain,
knows Moonlight - and then sun again -
it has its Place and does his Part
And has like You and Me a heart.
Some Mischief comes along but small
and just the size of it.
The tiny Mouse, the roaring Lion,
the singing Birds, the Eagle flying,
The Creatures in the deep blue sea
They have a right like you and me
to roam the Earth - so let them be.
And don't you say you are annoyed -
Can you create what You destroyed?
The World is endless wide and thus,
There should be room for all of us.
For Animals and Plants and Man -
For every living thing which can
bring all the Wonder of creation
to all the Land - in every Nation.

by Hella Sue Roberts

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