Neighbours And Strangers

When i said hello to him he seemed stuck for an answer to my greeting he did not choose to reply

To say the least to me he did seem indifferent which gives me some reason to wonder why

This could be is he hearing impaired or is it my accent my way of speaking he did not understand

For more than thirty years i have i have been in this Country but i speak in the accent of another Land

This is not the first time that him i have greeted but to my greeting he never reply

The next time we meet i will not say hello to him in silence we will pass each other by

What he thinks of me it is his own business and what i think of him he hardly would care

By sight only we do know of each other and nothing in common we do share

For all i know he might be a kind person one who is possessed of the inner glow

In friendships one who has been disappointed i am one person less for him to want to get to know

So he wants to keep treating me as a stranger with me suppose this has to be okay

We must live on as strangers with people sometimes it can be this way

Just one less for him for to get to know ofanyway this is how it seems to me

We live as hbours and remain aneigs strangers this is how he seems he wants it to be.

by Francis Duggan

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A finely crafted poem on neighbors and strangers. Sometimes people can go on as neighbors for a long time but never get to know one another and its okay.10