Neilly Collins

He worked hard for a livelihood and he never sought renown
And he was loved by many in Duhallow's Millstreet Town
The quiet man Neilly Collins back to Mother Earth has gone
But good memories of a gentle soul in Millstreet will live on.

A sturdy well built fellow well over six foot tall
But a gentle giant of a man those who knew him will recall
He was the quiet achiever in his own quiet way
And with the dead of Millstreet he now forever lay.

Time does take care of everyone and leaves us old and gray
And the changes keep on happening in the Millstreet of today
Us people like the Seasons we come to life and go
And farewell to Neilly Collins a good man we used to know.

A resident of Millstreet for many decades of years
And those who knew and loved him will remember him with tears
The good man Neilly Collins of publicity he seemed shy
And it can be said about him that he would not harm a fly.

by Francis Duggan

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