Intent Of Poetry

T-he intent of poetry is noble,
E-xpressing an emotional answer;
S-pecific sound and meaning
S-peak of joy to the reader.

I-ntent of poetry is notable,
B-ecause of outstanding quality;
A-iming to write an awareness,
S-o the world will exist in ecstasy.
C-herish the words of wisdom, sense the rhythm and beauty;
O-n the twenty-fourth of December,spread the intent of poetry.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

Comments (7)

I 😍this poems by Robert Frost
I've always loved this poem since living 3 years on Cape Cod many years ago. It is exactly how I feel about being on the beach.
Such a brilliant poem... They cannot look out far. They cannot look in deep. But when was that ever a bar To any watch they keep?
The sea is a reflection of human consciousness, we cannot look out far nor in deep, but the changes to the sea (loss of sea life, atmospheric changes, jellyfish blooms and their mindless spineless consumption) are the metaphysical changes we see in
Frost tells us things about human nature, that perhaps we knew but had not taken notice of. We see ourselves anew through his eyes.
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