My Heart Broke Loose On The Wind

every emotion, sensation, my very quintessence deserted me
I stood apart from myself
a breath, an extension of the air, just a thought:
transparent, non existent- a part of that blinding light
when I moved to touch my face- there was nothing
voices meshed with the wind- only echoes
even my shadow fled my presence

I could see nothing- darkness in light
but felt everything in that void that rushed to suck me in
my soul's heart was bared- ropes- and threads of scarlet
coherent thought was lost-
as I wondered if that crux still beat or was lost in that pale luminescent wind

by Anitah Muwanguzi

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..........excellent and a very picturesque scene...a taxi as a yellow submarine.....and you, the lucky person viewing this fantastic underworld scenery ★
I love this poem. I set it to music (with permission directly from Collins himself) as part of a larger work entitled Winter Songs, with other poems by Wallace Stevens, Richard Wilbur, Robert Creeley and A.R. Ammons: http: //
Yet another one of Mr. Collins surreal adventures told so artfully as only he can.
I love this! I'm a teacher and I used this with a class of 8 year olds! ! They loved it too and understood it perfectly and poetry like this is giving them a real love of it. I just think BC is fantastic. His writing started me writitng. Thanks Billy