IS (February 26th 1983 / Central Java > Indonesia)

Neo Aeon

Another year have past,
Reminds us how old we are today;
When our juvenile lost in a flash,
Surely in vain we played our own ways.

A New Year [2006] hail to us with smile,
Compelled smile too gaudy in dusk;
For we who might just stay for a while,
And gone when He claims His superiority on us.

Speak not for His secret remains hallowed,
So be this year a happy New Year [2006],
Peace and free in life, not vain or shallow,
When bliss and blithe swept away our tears.

Happy New Year [2006] my friends,
And let us throw away these sadness and tears,
Let us make these fears to end,
In the name of peace and bliss we truly dear!

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