Nephilim Blood Line Descendants Are Curse On Earth

evil sadly predictably regularly beats defeats highest ideals morality
poverty has a way wears away resolute strength with time cruel age
disease famine starvation countless setbacks defeats many eventually
faith hope bound with honour raises opposes those who freedom cage

when part of trinity became a man his salvation miracles were at hand
once Jesus Christ walked among us as a man but one place at a time
to his disciples said I must go so one greater may come Jesus promised
Holy Spirit is within all true believers at all places now at the same time

thus thousands of years on from lost Eden we wage holy war settle score
in free will given each immortal soul must choose a side in ancient war
greed breaks fearful souls to knees before seed of curse Nephilim lines

descendants of fallen angels temptation oppose us Jesus died to save us
will you sell your soul to fallen deceiver for a mere thirty pieces of silver
or believe be baptized in symbol of repentance blood of Christ deliverer

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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