Neptune's Tomb

'Neath restless wind and wave
In its watery crypt
silent gray hulk
eternally sleeps.

What tragedy on high sea
doomed this traveler
to rest evermore.
In Neptune's Tomb.

aquatic guardians patrol
in out and around
this muted monument.

What secrets
and stilled testaments
do they protect
do they conceal?

By the subdued light
from the world above
illuminated faintly.
See the shadowy silhouette.

By what grants
give alien seekers privilege
to invade freely
the still sanctity.

Would it not be
if from naught else
but respect and honor
to souls slumbering there.

To only pause and query
what tragic misfortune rendered
such disastrous consequence.
Offer homage and pass on by.

by Kurt(Sam) Hearth

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