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On a sunlit hill at Neerena there is scarce a puff of breeze
And murray grey cattle sit and chew their cud at ease in the shade of the cypress trees
And though deciduous trees are looking bare and few birds chirp or sing
Than an evening in early Winter it seems more like a day in Spring.

The paddocks around lit by sunshine it is a lovely day
In Neerena in South Gippsland the creek babbles it's way
On downhill towards the river that flows on towards the sea
It's life not measured in time it flows eternally

One could well live a lifetime here and of the place not tire
The beauty of this Landscape an artist would inspire
This old Land it is very old as old as father time
And such breath-taking scenery would inspire a poet to rhyme

The common mynas singing them one cannot mistake
To Nature's singing garden their contribution they make
The memories I'll take with me of the pleasant Winter's day
That I visited Nereena though from there I may live far away.

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