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Never give up hope
Never let insecurites rule you
Never lose sight in your dreams
Never let anyone tell you they are better than you
Because once you do, a door will close
Leaving you on the wrong end
Never stop living
Never stop fighting to make a difference
Never stop learning
The moment you stop believing things can change
Is the moment when they won't
You'll be alone in the world
Doing things you don't want to do
But as long as you have faith
Let the people say what they wanna say

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words of wisdom, thanks for sharing 10
I really love this poem Hannah, I need to read it every day as it could have been written for me! Love, Andrew.10!
The best Advice you could give anyone. I think every one should follow it. You are amazing at this, keep on writing you have a gift
Beautiful poem with a very sound message! Keep on writing! God bless you!