TH (5-24-83 / MO)


Dont coming runing to me when there is no one to plam
So mad at the world cant even remember my name
please come and show me how you want it to be
just lock me up and throw away the key
for being with you is like trying to enjoy slavery
it started out sweet as sugar
but soon turned onto self-desruct murder
I wanted to stop but had to go further
Every day it would happen all over again
I would open my eyes and it would begain
only one thing could go right
I did not put up a fight
Isn't that right
i wish you could see it my way
then you would relize, and not say
why do you have to sleep all day
only if you could feel the same as i do
and see all the shit people have put me threw
maybe oneday you will understand why i walkaround with my head down,
when everyone looks at you like they want to beat you into the ground,
why they turn thier heads, I know
I try not to look at them,
but their anger will always show
You would do me in
for i will not pretend
I wont even defiend
Because, whats the point?
Your not even not a friend
But in your mind I'm nothing but shit
O, I'm sorry, i forgot you know everything,
is that it!
You just all think your the best
well think again you little fucks
because you are nothing but little back stapping lieing pest!
I thought I could aleast trust in one of you
but O no!
you had to prove me wrong there too
Did'nt you!
So go on, destroy everyone
just burn it all away
So why should I even care
When your done with this fucking world
there will be no point to stay
Noboday even cares anymore if i end being jaided or free
I could not began to decribe the person i so wish to be
the only thing i do know is nobody whats me.

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