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Never A Thought For Me?

I wish you were with me like you are when your with them
So that when I sing your praises I no longer have to pretend
Pretend that you've never hurt me or infact done me wrong
for I cannot sing your praises when I've forgot the words to the song
and the lyrics don't seem to fit any more its all noise and just no sound
and you take one sight of my performance and once more you knock me down
it's like fighting a losing battle, the harder you try the more your defeat
but with fake smiles and broken bones your still desperate for your heart to beat
you'll stay, your niave but what is it to them?
cause even though you'll be alone for now its like losing a friend
Sometimes its better to have loved and lost then not to have loved at all
so the love we had didn't die in vain and the bond we had didn't crumble
Because it's better to think there's happiness out there, like you I see it in my dreams
but their thoughts to far and I still bare the scars so how am I going to reach?
You keep telling me I can hide the problem but the loneliness will just make it worse
for you keep smiling, tell a joke and add Joyce to that happy tone but you'll never cover up my hurt.

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