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Never A Threat To Anyone

He is not or will never be a widely known person the one who is not or will never be a threat to anyone
Of talking of self not interested or telling of the good things in life he has done
He is not a member of any club or is not interested in or plays any sport including football
So very few things in life does interest him at all
His ego well under control he never shows any sign of conceit
And always a pleasant and a very nice person to meet
One who never poses a threat to anyone in any sort of a way
One can say his kind are a rare sort today
A down to earth person who shuns the limelight
And to talk to in the ways of the World rather bright
In him nothing to dislike in any sort of a way
He is one i meet often though not every day
He never talks of his life's achievements and any prizes he has never won
The fellow who is never a threat to anyone.

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