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Never A Winner

Religion, culture and National borders cause most of the wars in the World of today
And in acts of terrorism it is mostly civilians who for the sins of others with their lives do pay
In conflicts mostly the innocents do seem to suffer this is how it is and it always will be
In war it does seem there is never a winner though many with what i say may not agree
War does give rise to acts of terrorism innocent people are dying in the most brutal way
Targeted at random by angry soulless people mad in their minds of them seems fair to say
From past wars lessons have never been learned war men never learn from lessons of the past
After every war there is peace for a few years but peace between enemies never does last
Far too many war widows and mothers and far too many people in war and terrorism have died
War it is waged by ruthless ignorant people those who believe they have god on their side
Every war gives rise to National heroes at every war memorial the last post is played
And war leaders honored in song and in story and for the returned soldiers a huge street parade
But the war dead cannot be brought back to life in war all are losers and so called winners don't win
And one conflict always does lead to another when one war is over another begin.

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