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Never Again

I may never again see Hibernia's shore
Or climb on the high fields above Claramore
Up to Clara Mountain on a day in July
When the warm sun of Summer shines in the blue sky

I may never again walk on Millstreet's West End
And revisit the past when i meet an old friend
And talk of the Millstreet of the long ago
Before time that rusts iron had become our foe

And remark how the changes in Millstreet not few
And of how time has brought wrinkles to faces we knew
On looking back the years time does seem to fly
Though memories remain of Seasons gone by

When the lark above Clara did sing as he did fly
Up to the cloud World in June and July
And around the Cork Kerry border one could view far and wide
The scenic and beautiful green countryside

When the whortleberries the tiny blue fruits of the heather are ripe for to eat
In the taste buds of the mouth such a delicious treat
Until the lure of adventure did take us away
From where we first looked on the bright lamp of day

I may never again on an evening in Spring
In Claraghatlea's leafy groves hear the nesting birds sing
Or in the fading twilight hear the lowing of a cow
In a darkening field by the river Finnow

Or hear the male snipe as he flies around
With his tail feathers above the dark rushy fields make a goat like sound
Such beautiful memories today i retain
That until death in me are bound to remain

I may never again see my first homeplace
Where to many mine years ago was a well known face
But the now is what matters and the now is today
And i only have memories of a place far away.

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